In defence of the Elite High School “Prom”

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By Enoth Mbeine, Business Mentor & Coach

Last weekend’s leavers’ end of year party commonly dubbed as “Prom” at Elite High School on Entebbe Road has left many tongues wagging! Social media is awash with images of students arriving at the party in sleek vehicles. But the one image taking center stage is of the two students seen alighting from a hired chopper as they arrived in style for the prom party.

The Minister of State for Higher education, Mr. John Chrysostom Muyingo has also come out strongly to condemn the event saying that such extravagance and lavish expenditure promotes immorality and that it prepares a corrupt generation!

I may sound controversial here, but I would like to come out in defence of these young men and women and I do congratulate them for pulling off an event of such magnitude.

To pull of an event of that caliber requires a lot of meticulous planning, ingenuity, creativity and innovation. According to some reliable sources, these students had been planning the event for quite a while and even had clear tasks guided by an organizing committee!

Using my usual entrepreneurial lens, I see that it was creativity and innovation by the young men and women at its best! An event of this magnitude would require the courage to take the risk, people who are flexible and tolerant to ambiguity, people who dream big, have internal locus of control with a good dose of narcissism, and most importantly wanting to do things differently and “disrupt the status quo”!

Research shows that the more creative young people consider themselves to be, the higher the chances that they will become entrepreneurs.

During our university days, the guys who used to organize events at Guild Canteen, concerts and disco at Calendar in Makindye, tours to the National Parks etc., many are now successful business people around town! Charlie Lubega of the famed Angenoir and Guvnor is case in example.

It really takes a very creative mind to pull off such an event! So let us let the young boys and girls be! Remember, creatives are beginning to rule the world! With AI, you worry what will become of the usual traditional professions!

Let us all aim at fostering creativity and innovation which is a big positive factor for these young men and women in adolescent stage. In the midst of academic performance pressures, the high stress and self-esteem levels, possession of creative skills helps these young people’s personal wellbeing too!

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