PMTS Reports Growth in Airtel Products Distribution

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PMTS Limited, a key distributor of Airtel Uganda services and products operating in the districts of Wakiso, Kampala, and Kayunga, has reported remarkable growth in the year 2023, according to CEO Paul Sine.

During a press briefing held as part of a stakeholders’ engagement on Sunday, Sine highlighted the company’s impressive performance over the past year and outlined plans for the upcoming year 2024.

He noted a significant increase in key metrics, including a 15% rise in the number of sites, a 20% increase in shops, and a 10% expansion in the workforce.

Sine attributed this growth to enhanced infrastructure, including an increase in the number of motorcycles to improve service delivery to agents. He emphasised the opportunities present in Uganda’s growing economy, particularly in peri-urban areas experiencing rapid development.

“Despite our substantial growth in the past year, we recognize there are still abundant opportunities in the market,” said Sine. “We aim to capitalise on the expansion of peri-urban areas and the increasing demand for data and telecommunications services, especially as more people work remotely.”

He underscored the importance of this stakeholders’ engagement in fostering team development and enhancing service delivery. Sine also highlighted the introduction of the Airtel App by the company’s parent company, which allows customers to access services conveniently.

However, Sine acknowledged several challenges, including accessibility to remote areas and security concerns, particularly regarding attacks on Airtel Money agents. He stressed the need for increased rotation of teams in these areas to mitigate risks, albeit acknowledging the associated cost implications.

In response, Ali Balunywa, Sales Director at Airtel Uganda, commended PMTS for its achievements and for organising the stakeholders’ engagement. He emphasised the importance of such conferences in renewing commitment and aligning strategies between distributors and the company.

“Trainings and engagements like these help reinforce our shared goals and improve the quality of service delivery,” remarked Balunywa. “With partners like PMTS, we are confident that Airtel’s services will continue to enhance, meeting the evolving needs of our customers.”

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