The communication strategy that works- PR professionals gather for the monthly PR Fundi Master Class

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On August 25, 2022, PR Fundi held its first physical PR Fundi Masterclass since the lockdown to discuss the topic “The communication strategy that works.”  Nada Anderson who is the Director of Star Leo was the PR Fundi Guest and Muhereza Kyamutetera, Managing Director of The Firm ltd were the day’s facilitators.

Nada Anderson with the PR Fundi Master class chief guest Mehereza Kyamutetera with Ian Rumanyika the Moderator
Nada Anderson with the PR Fundi Master class guest Mehereza Kyamutetera with Ian Rumanyika the Moderator

The August 2022 PR Fundi Masterclass attracted over 25 participants from brands in education, governance, media, insurance, Civil society, banking, health, and finance.

Nada and Kyamutetera asked participants to aggressively focus on owned media in strategic communications. Nada told participants to create a separate social media plan and link it to the Strategy. “If it isn’t on social media, it didn’t happen” -Nada

According to Nada, you must create your strategy by the book and always remember that positive achievements energize people. On reviewing strategies, Nada warned against 6 months review. She said it is like falling into a death trap. Nada recommended at least the strategy be reviewed every month since trends change every day. Nada’s key lesson was that truth in advertising, PR and communications are the only way you are going to get ahead.

Kyamutetera said that owned media for corporate and individual brands is the future. He asked participants to think about how their strategy will reinforce the Vision, Mission and Purpose.

Kyamutetera emphasized the need for communicators to always design strategies that overwhelm them. According to Kyamutetera, every communication strategy’s goal is to promote a shared understanding between an organisation and its political, administrative and social environments/stakeholders. Kyamutetera concluded by reminding participants that Posture, Approach and leverage are critical for any strategy to be effective.

Ian announced that physical PR Fundi Masterclasses will be held on the last Thursday of every month.  “To all Fundis out there, please note that the physical sessions are back and will be held on the last Thursday of every month as part of the PR Fundi 4th anniversary celebrations” Ian Rumanyika.

Ian Rumanyika moderator of the PR FUNDI Master Classes

One thing that is not emphasized enough is that strategies can be changed mid implementation because KPIs as Nada said: gives you an opportunity to change your strategy.


Each PR Fundi masterclass has an aspect on PR theory applicability, PR thought leadership and realistic PR case studies. PR Fundi Masterclass targets PR people, Brand Managers, Government communicators, marketing Managers Journalists, NGO staff, and social media managers.

Some of the participants who attended the PR FUNDI Masterclass on 25th August 2022
Some of the participants who attended the PR FUNDI Masterclass on 25th August 2022

PR Fundi Masterclass programme runs over 100 PR practice topics designed to give participants mastery over PR tasks. The PR Fundi public Masterclasses are quarterly. PR Fundi also runs other customized sessions for particular Organizational staff needs. The Masterclass is an answer to the ever-changing PR practice landscape. PR is a 24/7 Job. This requires PR people to be creatively prepared for the situation at any room anytime because the world expects PR people to be overnight experts.PR People constantly need mastery skills on a case-by-case basis. Having template approaches to PR in this digital age is disastrous.

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