Government to Enroll 420 Entities on e-Procurement by 2025/26

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By Shaka Isaac

The government has undertaken an initiative to roll out the electronic Government procurement (eGP) system to all the remaining procurement and disposing entities (PDE’s) within the next two years.

The e-GP is a web-based ICT driven tool used to carry out public procurement and disposal and involves all stages right from procurement planning, bidding, evaluation, award, contract management, invoicing, and payment for supplies, works, and services. As at the end of last financial year, there were 11,651 contracts drafted on the e-GP from the 36 enrolled entities. Various studies estimate that about 60% of national budget is spent through public procurement.

The Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Treasury, Ramathan Ggoobi while recently officiating at the Leadership and Sponsorship Awareness Engagement event on e-GP at Serena Hotel, Kampala said the Finance Ministry has been pursuing strategic reforms in Public Sector Procurement in Uganda to achieve better value for money and enable effective,
transparent, and accountable use of public resources as a basis for economic transformation and improved service delivery.

The PSST said the semi-automated procurement system which is predominantly paper-based continues to face challenges such as lack of real-time information for planning and decision making and uncoordinated purchases across government.

He said full implementation of e-GP is expected to generate significant efficiency gains and improve service delivery by reducing the endemic delays in public sector procurement, minimizing avenues for corruption through reducing human interaction, facilitating real time access to information for business opportunities, minimizing cost of doing business and increasing bidder participation, transparency and accountability.

Ggoobi thanked the Accounting Officers and technical staff who have pioneered the e-GP implementation in their entities, adding that effective leadership, sponsorship and support are critical for the successful roll out of the system to all the targeted entities.

He said MoFPED, in collaboration with Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority, National Information Technology Authority – Uganda, Ministry of ICT and National.

Guidance will endeavor to spearhead sensitization and awareness campaigns to positively influence the organizational culture and mindset necessary for successful e-GP adoption and implementation within the entities.

The Accountant General, Lawrence Semakula appreciated the project sponsors and partners for the relentless support towards the implementation of the government electronic procurement system, adding that Partners such as the World Bank were impressed with the procurement solution.

He called upon all the Accounting officers, contracts committee members, Board of Directors and heads of procurement entities to put in place measures that will enable government achieve the business case for this reform.

Semakula said government and public sector agencies that have implemented e-GP system, have reported a number of benefits such as elimination of corruption, abuse of discretion, systems due diligence, 100% information accuracy, timely delivery, easy to trail, trace and data access on the system for mandatory audits, reporting obligations and accountability.

According to the Executive Director Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority Benson Turamye, only 60% of contracts in FY 2020/21 were completed within the contractual timelines.

“In other words, 40% of the procurement were mired to the detriment of the citizens who would be the beneficiaries of efficient service delivery,” said Turamye, adding that delays in the completion of government projects calls for additional costs, which costs are born by the taxpayer.

e-GP transactions are electronic and easy to trail, trace and access data on the system for mandatory audits, reporting obligations and accountability requirements.

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