Uganda International Trade Fair sets stage for digital transformation

by Christopher Kiiza
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Uganda will, from October 3-10, 2023 host the 29th Uganda International Trade Fair at the UMA Show Grounds, Lugogo under the theme, “Driving Manufacturing and Trade Efficiency through Digital Transformation and Innovation.”

The fair aims to exhibit and demonstrate how businesses and industries in Uganda are adopting digital technologies to enhance their operations, increase efficiency, and stay competitive in the global market.

The exhibition will also provide a platform for innovators and startups to showcase their new products, services, and solutions that have the potential to revolutionize industries and drive economic growth in Uganda.

Furthermore, the event aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices among participants, encouraging collaboration and learning from each other’s experiences with digital transformation.

With over 1,000 exhibitors already booked to take part, the trade fair will create opportunities for businesses, investors, and stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and explore potential partnerships that can accelerate the adoption of digital technologies and innovative solutions.

The fair will provide a dynamic platform, spotlighting the latest in technological advancements and innovative practices shaping the global landscape of manufacturing and trade.

The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) Chairman, Deo Kayemba says the exhibition will highlight the advancements made in digital transformation and innovation, and attract domestic and foreign investments into the country’s tech and innovative sectors.

“Studies have shown that 42.2% of growth in SMEs is attributable to early adoption of technological advancements and innovation. This underscores the power of technology in driving efficiency, across the entire value chain, generating employment, and ultimately fostering business growth. In light of the dynamic global trends, it is imperative that Ugandan SMEs recognise the role “digital transformation and innovation plays in enhancing both manufacturing and trade efficiency,” said Kayemba on Thursday.

Over 30 countries, including; India, South Korea, Taiwan, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, UAE, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, China, South Africa, Rwanda, among others will take part and exhibit their latest products and technologies at the trade exhibition.

The Chairman of the Research, Technology and Innovation Committee at UMA, Eddie Senkumba highlighted the significant digital innovations aligned with the exhibition.

“One notable innovation is our Online Exhibition Space Booking Platform, which enables both local and international exhibitors to conveniently view available exhibition spaces, make bookings, and complete payments from the comfort of their homes,” he said.

The exhibition will be a multi-sectoral event with participation of sectors in ICT, Construction, Chemical & Paints, Foods & Beverages, Packaging Materials, Plastics, Health, Confectionery, Alcohol & Spirits, Personal Care Products, Logistics & Transportation, Stationery, Academia, Automobile, Furniture, Leather Goods Manufacturers, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Exporters among others.

The trade fair will also have an education Pavilion dedicated to empower students through mentorship, career guidance.

“This program will give students a clear understanding and appreciation of locally made products through the guided exhibition stall tours. Guided tours will offer them an immersive experience, enrich their knowledge and inspire their creativity and innovation,” said Senkumba.

The public will get the opportunity to be educated on key issues such as trade facilitation services from Government.

“URSB, UNBS, URA, NIRA and PPDA will be here to sensitise members on the available opportunities and services. Unlike the previous fairs, URA has dedicated its staff to resolve all tax related issues, ledger reconciliation, EFRIS issues, tax disputes among others at the fair.”


With over 1000 expected exhibitors, 30 country/ international pavilions, and 300,000 show visitors, the Uganda International Trade Fair is an important event for the Ugandan economy and trade. It will provide a platform for Ugandan businesses to showcase their products and services to potential buyers from Uganda and around the world. The exhibition will also help to promote trade and investment in Uganda.

In a bid to promotes technology transfer and innovation, the 29th Uganda International Trade Fair will attract exhibitors from all over the world, including companies that are at the forefront of technology. This will provide an opportunity for Ugandan businesses to learn about new technologies and innovations. It will also help to encourage Ugandan businesses to adopt new technologies and innovate.

Furthermore, the Trade Fair is an important event for the Ugandan economy and trade as it aims to promote trade and investment in Uganda, provide a platform for Ugandan businesses to showcase their products and services to potential buyers from Uganda and around the world, increase Uganda’s exports, create jobs and boost the country’s economy.

Third, the UITF helps to increase Uganda’s exports. By showcasing Uganda’s products and services to potential buyers from around the world, the UITF helps to increase Uganda’s export earnings. This is important for the Ugandan economy, as it helps to generate foreign exchange and boost the country’s GDP.

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